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Ready to Become a better Speaker and Leader?

Why join Toastmasters?

Fellow business professionals, why pay thousands of dollars for a seminar or course when you can join the Hong Kong MBA Toastmasters Club for a fraction of the cost and have fun in the process? The Toastmasters program can help you develop your communication and leadership skills. Developing these skills will, in turn, enhance your self-confidence and personal growth.



The Hong Kong MBA Toastmasters Club is an English speaking Toastmasters club with membership open to the public. Most of our members are business professionals and experienced speakers, of which you can learn a great deal from. 

Why Hong Kong MBA?
What do I get as a member?

All members receive the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Programme manual, supplementary material and a monthly magazine from Toastmasters International. In addition, our club provides a positive and supportive environment and a mentor program to help you achieve your goals. Members get access to all meetings throughout the year, the monthly 'Toastmaster' magazine and free entrance to special events and workshops of the club.

How much is membership?

Membership fees currently are HK$1,500 a year (from April to March) plus a one-off joining fee of HK$200 (which includes the New Member Kit). Proportional fees are charged for new members joining during the year. If you have decided to become a member, just check the button below and email our Vice President of Membership for more details. 

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